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Know Recruit Me

Recruit Me is a unexampled platform where opportunities lies beyond your expectation. Here we create a professional networking where you find talent as people who are looking for opportunities (job), opportunities created by various companies or corporate and skill development trainings at various campuses that are under one roof.

Recruit Me will empower all individuals through improved skills, knowledge to gain access to decent employment and ensures India's competitiveness in the global market.

With the Indian online learning plus social media market size expected to grow to around US$ 40 billion by 2017 both domestic and international players would be entering the market with new and innovative products and services. Recruit Me is where India would already be the biggest online support portal for developed economy. Some key innovations would be worth watching out in the Recruit Me portal.

Promotor's Profile

Recruit Me is the product of AL Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. AL info solutions Pvt Ltd is India's one of the most distinct research firm in the field of education. ALISPL support the Education sector to see a boost, with substantial reforms and increased independent outlays. The company discovers, develop and execute service products for better education in India. It provides a platform exchange network and project management services which include technical, financial and conceptual assistance.
The company has two main divisions to function. First in the research team, focuses on studies in which the dependent variables are concerned with various dimensions of effectiveness towards education or better quality educational products. They develop a heuristic framework illustrating recent trends in the education and its effectiveness as a function of task, group, and organization design factors, environmental factors, internal processes, external processes, and group psychosocial traits. Second is the execution team, which focuses on the execution of the projects developed by the research team in regards to the latest required trends in education system.

Our Mission

"We deliver innovative solutions to facilitate our customer's success in the global marketplace and provide our customers with confidence."
Our mission is to provide relief to Economy from "unemployment". At recruit me Job opportunities will directly be shared by the professional who are skilled. By sharing the network and opportunities Recruit Me wants to decrease the Unemployment rate of Indian Economy.

Our Vision

"Our company is focused on different areas."
For People working: "Being a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be."
For clients: "Being a great place to share the professional information which further leads to skill development, opportunities and the skilled talent."