Every successful project starts with a clear and quantifiable strategy. India's First Portal where opportunities lies beyond expectations. We at Recruit Me offer wide range of recruitment and skill development services that are fun and engaging with.

The Skilled professionals

Individuals, The Skilled professionals who will help in the growth of our country are waiting for multifarious opportunities where they can use their skills in the best credible manner and the economy to next level.

Opportunity Provider

Corporate provide all the opportunities available at their organisation to all the other users. The corporate will get solution to various departments like Human Resources or Sales department.

Educational Institutes

The educational institutes are the places where the youth of our country is build by providing the best possible education and trainings. Share opportunities inviting multitudinous Corporate.

Happy Support Team

Team members know how to help customer & one another, help other team members realize their true potential, and create an environment that allows everyone to go beyond his or her limitations.



Hiremate is the unique solution which is designed by our experts to give a firm solution to Human Resource Department of any organization by giving relevant database for hiring the recruitments.


Online appointment tool will make you enable to fix the appointments with the targeted customers or other business hours for b2b profits.


Online Advertisement will help in generating more users by spreading knowledge about the product or service online. By putting ads to online portal, it will help in fetching data from the various platforms.

Skill Craft

Skill craft is step towards making Skilled India, a tool that helps to provide skill development training and skilled manpower to the companies. Here you can get trained, can have your training centre and get the skilled people for your organisation.








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Recruit Me is step towards creating a professional zone where number of opportunities lies at one platform.

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We believe in Quality work

Online registration of users

Users browsing our website need to register themselves Job seekers as student, companies as corporate and educational institutes as campuses.

Profile Completion

User needs to fill in complete information about which is required to optimize the profile of any user to get maximum use out of portal.

Sharing Talent & Opportunities

After optimizing your profile, start searching for opportunities which can give you career growth or create opportunities for the talented people who can take your organisation to the heights.

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The idea of sharing thoughts and new innovations came in mind, while having a cup of coffee. We thought to create blogs which can help people to get aware about the latest creative thoughts.

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Recruit me has designed its products keeping the requirement and ease of users in mind. The products Hiremate, appointment, advertisement and skill craft detailed brochures are available here.

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Recruit me is delivering services that combine quality and reliability

Info-Graphic Profile of users

All the users registered in portal as Job Seekers, corporate and campuses have info-graphic profiles with dedicated URL which is Ad-on feature to profile.

Fast and easy way to share information

First online platform which allows you to share thoughts, ideas and opportunities. Here you find the fresh talent and latest opportunities.

Unlimited opportunities

Recruit Me as a platform provides number of opportunities which helps users to showcase their talent and businesses.

Unexampled Solution

We provide the unique and crisp solution suitable to our needs and requirements. At recruit me we have Hiremate, appointments, advertisement and skill craft which are designed and established keeping Problem in mind.

Great ADMIN Support

A complete admin panel to support for all the services and also takes care of security of users. Admin support will help you to utilize the services and portal in the best possible manner.

Helps in B2B and B2C

Our products appointment and advertisement help to generate more lead for B2B and B2C lead generation. Without even increasing your overheads you can boom your business.

"We provide businesses of all sizes with a comprehensive set of solutions that meet their needs."

Ideas and innovations create a difference

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